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Anchor Plastics is an Australian owned and operated company that specializes in Plastic Injection Moulding. We are dedicated to providing you, the client, with excellent service, high quality products, and low overall costs. We are also capable of meeting each client’s demanding lead time requirements, as we have 17 plastic injection moulding machines. Our machines range in size from 25 tons all the way up to 550 tons. These machines are running 24 hours a day, 5 days out of the week, moulding items ranging in weight from 1 gram to 2.2 kilograms. So, we are essentially always running the machines and working hard to make sure that we have your product finished in the most efficient and effective way and time that we possibly can.

Our experience in moulding engineering thermoplastics is very well recognized here in Australia. Through knowledge gained by over 40 years building our business in this industry, we are confident of the quality of the advice that we provide. This confidence is important because choosing the right type of materials can often be very critical to a product’s success.

You may be wondering what types of industries need the services of a plastic moulding manufacturer such as Anchor Plastics. Well, the answer is: plenty of them, and even some that you wouldn’t think of. We mould the components needed for many of the well-known products in many sectors of Australian industry. Electrical, lighting, swimming pools, water filtration, hospitality, furniture, building, electronic, automotive, housewares, and scientific are just a few examples of some of the many industries that we supply the components for.


This is a very common question. Another one that you should ask yourself after you ask that one is whether or not you need parts made, and how else you would go about accomplishing that if not by plastic injection moulding.

After you make the finalized decisions on the design and materials of the plastic part you want, the first step to getting the part plastic moulded is to build the mould.

Plastic injection moulding is the preferred manufacturing process when you want or need to make hundreds or thousands of the same plastic part. This process involves heating small plastic beads at a high temperature until they reach a liquid or near liquid state, and then injecting that material under pressure into the cavity of a metal mould.

This process, the building of the mould as well as the finished product, is one that requires great precision and the use of specialist design software (CAD and CAM) and metal working equipment. The cost of this process varies depending on a number of factors, such as:

  • the size of the mould
  • the number of cavities in the mould
  • the material the mould is made from
  • the texture of the finish required on the moulded article
  • the complexity of the part; among other factors