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Custom Moulding


So, now you have effectively grown your idea for a plastic injection moulding project from the ground up. You have perfected the design for your product, picked all of the most pleasing, effective, and efficient materials, had the best possible plastic injection mould made, and essentially brought your plastic moulded creation to life… now what?

Well, Anchor Plastics is here to help you with this step in the process, too.

Whether you only need a partial sub-assembly of your finished plastic injection moulding product or a completely assembled and fully packed product (or any level of assembly in between), our well known assembly facility and experienced staff has the resources and flexibility to accommodate all of your needs.

Here at Anchor Plastics, we have many years of experience in assembling the necessary plastic moulded components for many industries, including a specialty in electrical appliance components. When we take on the task of assembling a product that we have effectively plastic moulded, we are sure to fully and completely test the integrity and reliability of any of the products we create and/ or assemble, as we hold our products to a very high standard, before we pack the product to the customer’s specifications. Also, if a customer is unsure of any of the decisions regarding packaging, we are there to offer our experienced advice.

Some of the many products that are plastic injection moulded, assembled, and packed here at Anchor Plastics are as follows:

  • Airtube Carriers
  • Optus Enclosure Devices
  • Simaru Kitchen Tools
  • Selleys Paint Cleaner
  • Thomas & Betts Emergency Flood Lights